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You Can Depend on The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store

When you want high-quality furniture, rugs, and mattresses for Salem, VA, visit The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store. We have proudly served our corner of Southwestern Virginia since 2010. Our interior decor pieces, mattresses, and rugs are high-quality, durable, and beautiful. We can match any aesthetic in your living or working space. From dining sets to area rugs and so much more, we are the smart choice in Salem, VA. Visit our location today to discover the difference at The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store. You can call us at (540) 387-0946 or contact us online.

Rugs and Custom-Cut Carpet for Salem, VA, Homes and Businesses

The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store is your destination for gorgeous rugs and custom-cut carpet in Salem, VA. Our team sells only the best products from the most trusted brands. And we do it at affordable prices, while setting the standard for customer service. From bordered rugs and braided rugs to carpet, we have exactly what you want. We also offer rug padding.

Check Out Our Wide Selection of Great Mattresses

You need a good night’s sleep. We are here to make sure that you get it. At The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store, we sell amazing mattresses at affordable prices. Whether you want an innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, or natural latex mattress, we have what you need. No one sleeps exactly the same, and we have the perfect mattress for you. Visit us and check out our wide selection. Why toss and turn one more night? Come to The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store.

Salem, VA’s Smart Choice for Beautiful, Functional Furniture

We also have the perfect furniture pieces for your Salem, VA, home or office. The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store is the smart choice for well-built, beautiful furniture. Our staff can help you to match any style for any need. From dining sets and bedroom sets to recliners and sofas, we have a wide variety of choices. You can always be certain that the furniture from The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store is of the highest quality. It will last for years to come, with beauty and optimal functionality. Remember to ask us about our Amish furniture and Fjords Ergonomic Recliners, too.

The Rug Mattress & Furniture Store is your destination for high-quality furniture, rugs, and mattresses for Salem, VA.